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Editing and Deleting Recipe and Menu Categories



  • Sharon Bauermeister

    I have been using this app for years. Without an email or password. How do I retrieve my receipts?

  • kate westbrook

    My manual recipes are not showing up in the alphabetized list; they are at the top of the list.  How do I move them to the right place?

  • Dianne Rabkin

    Afternoon,  Thank you for this amazing app. The more I use it the more things I find I can do with it.  We are tracking many things with the planner, Blood Sugar, Carbs and now Protein...I found some icons by right mouse button and they are helpful as well.  Pretty sure that wasn't one of the things you thought about when you created the app.  But, The food we eat controls the amount of Insulin taken.  At 500 dollars a month for insulin you can see how valuable you are to us. Your IT team is profession, courteous and I hope that this app will be able to run for a long time.  We can't be without it now.  Recipes, Tracking, Grocery lists, Planning and so much more. I can't say enough thank yous for all you do to update and keep the site running.  Dianne Rabkin



  • connie hansen

    I noticed that several recipes are duplicated. How can I delete the duplicates without having to do this one at a time. Is it possible?



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